Exams: On the day

What you need to bring, what to do with your things and the rules of the exam room.

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Time, date and location

Search the exam timetable for the details of your exam(s); date, time, venue and seat number. You should check this regularly, particularly on the day of your exam as changes to times, dates and venues are unavoidable.

It is your responsibility to know the date, time and place of each of your exams. You are expected to attend all exams. If you do not attend, you will be recorded as absent and will have used one of your attempts at the assessment.

If there is a problem with your exam timetable, such as a missing exam or clash, you should submit an enquiry form immediately.

Arriving for your exam

We recommend arriving at Goldsmiths with a minimum of 40 minutes before your exam. Allowing yourself 20 minutes to visit the Cloakroom (RHB 304) and then arrive at the examination room at least 20 minutes before the start time. This will allow time for you to check the location of your seat, which will be displayed on the outside of the examination room.

If you arrive late, you will be permitted into the examination room up to 30 minutes after the start time; after this, you will not be permitted into the exam. If you have any questions about what happens next, you can report to RHB 304 or your School Hub.

Personal belongings

Only bring what is essential for your exam.

The only items permitted in exam venues are writing materials (pens/pencils, rubbers etc) and water bottles (with labelling removed).

If the exam permits calculators, books or revision notes, these must be confirmed on the exam paper. Calculators which display graphics, text or algebraic equations are not permitted.

Students are not permitted to bring bags, coats and personal items (e.g., smartwatches, keys, mobile phone) into the exam room. We encourage students to use the cloakroom for all items which are not permitted in exam rooms.

Cloakroom for coats, bags and personal items

Unless you have a RASA in place, coats, bags and personal items are not permitted in exam rooms. These should be left in the cloakroom.

For the August 2023 exams, this will be in the Richard Hoggart Building (RHB), room 304.

Allow plenty of time before your exam to get to the cloakroom and check your items in, as there will be queues.


Your Goldsmiths ID Card must be taken to each exam and be displayed on the desk for invigilators to check your identity.

If you have clothing that obscures your face, you must report to RHB 304 15 minutes before the exam. A female member of staff will check you against your ID in private.

Any student without a Goldsmiths ID Card will be sent to RHB 304 or your School Hub so that their identity can be verified.

Toilet breaks

You are encouraged to remain in the exam room throughout the entire exam to ensure you use all the available writing time for your paper.

To reduce disruption and ensure question security, students are not permitted to leave an examination venue during the first 30 minutes or the last 15 minutes of an examination, unless there is an emergency, or you become unwell.

This means you will not be permitted to go to a toilet for the first 30 or last 15 minutes of the examination.

Feeling ill during an exam

If you feel unwell during an exam, you must make the Invigilator aware, and, if necessary, you will be taken from the venue to RHB 304 and may be escorted to the medical centre.

If you think illness may have affected your performance during the exam, you must submit an application for extenuating circumstances on MyGoldsmiths.

Emergency alarms

In the unlikely event of the exam being interrupted by an emergency alarm, you must follow the Invigilators’ instructions.

You will be asked to leave the exam room, you may not talk to other candidates and you must not discuss the exam paper. All exam material must be left on the desk. You will be told where to assemble to wait for further instructions.

The exam will commence under the direction of the Invigilators and Records and Assessments Manager.