Resubmitting and resitting

Students on taught programmes must retake all failed modules.

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Due to the impact of Covid-19 on 2020 assessments, and the introduction of Exceptional Academic Regulations, how some resits work and the mark cap.

Resitting timeframe

The examination resit period is held between 10 - 21 August 2020 (late summer).

Students who fail or are absent from any part of a module will be considered by the board of examiners to be referred for resits.

Students who have been referred will be marked as absent if they do not attend resit examinations or submit resit coursework.

For coursework resits, you must contact your department for the resubmission date.

Number of attempts and penalty

All students have three attempts, with the exception of those taking professional practice modules. A deferred assessment is not considered as an assessment attempt. If you do not pass the module within three attempts, you will fail the module.

Resits are capped at the pass mark, with the exception of foundation Year 0 for undergraduate degree programmes in Anthropology, Psychology, MCCS and History.

Assessment resits and late fees 2019-20

There is no charge for in-year resits. The fees listed below are for students who are not in attendance.

Resits, per module £100
(maximum £500)
Deferral due to extenuating circumstances, per module £30
MPhil/PhD Thesis resubmission £280

For further information, please contact the Assessments Team on 020 7717 2254 or assessments (

Deferred assessments

Students with accepted extenuating circumstances are offered deferred assessments without penalty to late summer.

If a student has continuing extenuating circumstances they must provide further medical evidence no later than seven days after the deadline or the exam to cover the late summer period. If further evidence is not provided the student will be noted absent without accepted mitigation.

Find out more about extenuating circumstances.