Reasonable Adjustments for study and assessments (RASA)

Goldsmiths can make reasonable adjustments to aspects of university life, including assessments and examinations.

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Some adjustments that can be made are:

  • Recording of lectures and seminars
  • Supporting materials for lectures uploaded to (VLE) in advance
  • Arranging for taught sessions to be in rooms fitted with induction loops
  • Changing rooms if accessibility is an issue
  • Additional time to complete assignments and exams, or an alternative assessment
  • Use of a computer in exams

Contact the Disability Service to find out if adjustments would be appropriate for you.

We can provide you with a Reasonable Adjustment Support Agreement (RASA). This is a document which outlines all the adjustments that various departments across the university (e.g. academic departments, the Library, Assessments Office) have to put in place, and advises them on practical ways they can support you.

The RASA is sent to your department(s) for them to implement the adjustments.

To apply for a RASA you will need to meet a Disability Adviser who work with you to create it.

Service to meet with a Disability Adviser Service to meet with a Disability Adviser

Make an appointment with a Disability Adviser if you are already registered

Once you have an agreed RASA with the Disability Service, the reasonable adjustments will automatically be put in place to support you during your exams. You do not need to do anything.

You will receive an individual exam timetable sent to your student email account which will list the adjustments that are in place.

If you believe there are any missing from your agreed RASA you should submit an enquiry form as soon as possible.

If your disability/Specific Learning Difficulty adds to the time it take you to complete assignments, you may be able to receive deadline adjustments as part of your RASA. This is an extension of 10 working days on your assessments which is applied automatically by the Hubs, so that you can use the extension whenever you need it.  

If you have missed a coursework deadline because a serious event has unexpectedly affected your studies, you can apply for extenuating circumstances. This process is separate from the RASA deadline adjustment.