Reasonable adjustments for study and assessments

Goldsmiths can make reasonable adjustments to aspects of university life, including assessments and examinations.

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Universal Reasonable Adjustments

All students who provide evidence of a disability will receive Universal Reasonable Adjustments whilst studying at Goldsmiths.

Universal Reasonable Adjustments include:

  • 10 working-day deadline extension on all written assignments
  • 25% extra time in timed exams or take-home paper
  • Permission to record lectures
  • Access to teaching material in advance

To receive these adjustments you need to send us evidence.

In most cases, you will not need to meet with us and the adjustments will automatically be applied after we review your evidence.

Register with the Disability Service to request Universal Reasonable Adjustments.

Apply for additional adjustments and a RASA

If you believe that you need additional adjustments to Universal Reasonable Adjustments, we can create an individual support plan called a Reasonable Adjustment Support Agreement (RASA).

Examples of additional adjustments that can be included in the RASA:

  • Arranging for taught sessions to be in rooms fitted with induction loops
  • Use of accessible rooms
  • Use of a computer in exams

To apply for a RASA, you must meet with a Disability Advisor who will work with you to create it. Make an appointment.

Exam reasonable adjustments

Once you have Universal Reasonable Adjustments or a RASA, your reasonable adjustments will automatically be put in place to support you during your exams. You do not need to do anything.

You will receive an individual exam timetable sent to your student email account which will list the adjustments that are in place.

If you believe there is an issue with your exam timetable, contact the disability team via

Coursework - additional time

As part of the Universal Reasonable Adjustments, your extensions are applied automatically by the School Hubs, so that you can use the extension whenever you need it.  

If you have missed a coursework deadline because a serious event has unexpectedly affected your studies, you can apply for extenuating circumstances. This process is separate from the deadline adjustment offered to you as a disabled student.