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Reasonable adjustments (RASA)

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Making reasonable adjustments to enable fair access to study at Goldsmiths

Goldsmiths can make reasonable adjustments to any aspect of university life, including assessments and examinations. These adjustments aim to ensure that disabled students are given fair access to study and assessment, as set out in the Equality Act 2010.

Lecture and seminar adjustments

  • Disabled students can record lectures and seminars
  • Supporting materials for lectures are uploaded to the relevant Learn.Gold (Virtual Learning Environment, VLE) in advance
  • Some lecture theatres and classrooms have been fitted with induction loops
  • Rooms can be changed if accessibility is an issue

Assessment adjustments

Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs) are entitled to 25% additional time in timed sat examinations. A cover sheet lets the person marking the assessment know that the student has an SpLD.

Students with SpLDs are not currently eligible for coursework extensions.

Students with long-term health conditions can request coursework deadline adjustments (short extensions). These need to be requested, and are not automatically in place. Your Reasonable Adjustment Student Agreement (RASA) will outline the process for requesting a short extension.

We will make any other assessment adjustments based on your discussion with a Disability Adviser.

For example, some students may be eligible to use a computer in examinations. Others may be used to working with an amanuensis/scribe in exams. You will need to meet with a Disability Adviser to be assessed as eligible for arrangements such as these.

If you have missed a coursework deadline or were unable to sit your exams as planned, you can apply for extenuating circumstances.

Reasonable Adjustments Examinations

If you have a RASA in place already you do not need to do anything.  Check your current adjustments at My Goldsmiths.

To arrange for reasonable adjustments to be put in place (or to change your existing adjustments) you will need to meet with a member of the Disability Service.

How to apply for reasonable adjustments

To apply for a RASA you will need to meet a Disability Adviser. To book an appointment with an adviser, you must bring your evidence to the Student Centre. A Student Adviser will book an appointment.

You can also register with the Disability Service.


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