Regulations for Research Programmes

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These are the Regulations for the 2023-24 academic year.

See the Regulations that were active in the 2022-23 year.

4.8 Learning Support


Goldsmiths has a legal responsibility and an ethical commitment to provide fair access to education and equality of opportunity in teaching, learning and assessment for all students. In some cases, teaching and assessment methods must be adapted to meet an individual’s needs, in accordance with the institution’s legal responsibility to make reasonable adjustments.


Recommendations for Reasonable Adjustments Student Agreement (RASA) made where a student has a ‘protected characteristic’ (as defined within the Equality Act 2010) that impacts their ability to learn and perform under specific teaching conditions, or in particular types of assessment tasks. RASAs will be provided by Student Services.


Extenuating Circumstances should not be used as an alternative to a RASA. However, there may be occasions where exceptional and unforeseeable factors present themselves which mean that a RASA is unable to provide adequate reasonable adjustments for a situation.


Goldsmiths provides guidance for students concerned about the scheduling of assessments during religious festivals or other periods of observance.