Regulations relevant to prospective students

For those who have accepted an offer with Goldsmiths but have yet to enrol or begin attendance.

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The Regulations relevant to Prospective Students set out expectations for those who have accepted an offer with Goldsmiths but have yet to enrol or begin attendance.

1.1 Terms and Conditions


On acceptance of an offer, all students accept the Terms and Conditions of study which form part of the student contract at Goldsmiths. Accepting the Terms and Conditions also signifies agreeing to follow Goldsmiths regulations and policies.

1.2 Admissions


Goldsmiths maintains a regularly updated Admissions Policy and Procedures (PDF) that complies with the UK Quality Code and relevant UK legislation on equality and discrimination.


In order to be considered for a programme of study, an application must have been made through the channels specified by the Admissions Policy and Procedures (PDF). Programmes of study and scholarships must be applied to separately, as acceptance on one does not automatically guarantee acceptance on the other.


Goldsmiths sets and maintains academic and non-academic entry criteria and requirements for all programmes of study. This includes English language proficiency where applicable.

1.3 Visas and sponsorship


Goldsmiths provides relevant and up to date information on obtaining a visa and UKVI regulations.


Students are required to comply with the conditions of their visa throughout the duration of their studies with Goldsmiths.


Students must comply with UKVI and Goldsmiths regulations to be considered for a CAS to apply for a visa.


Students must inform Goldsmiths immediately of any substantial changes to their immigration status, including where a student changes visa categories or ceases to have a valid visa that does not prohibit study in the UK.


Goldsmiths will only issue sponsorship under its Tier 4 (General) sponsor license if a student is eligible to make a valid Student visa application.


Where sponsorship is provided, Goldsmiths may withdraw sponsorship if: A student fails to comply with one or more of the conditions of their UK visa A student fails to comply with the conditions in relation to their studies including those set out in these regulations Goldsmiths discovers that the student is no longer meeting the conditions of their Student (General) visa


Where sponsorship is withdrawn, this will usually result in the student being withdrawn from their programme of study and/or Goldsmiths.

1.4 Fitness to Train


Some programmes may have a fitness to train entry requirement, which must be met in order to undertake the programme. Individual programme specifications will set out where these apply.

1.5 Transfer, Advanced Standing and RPL


Goldsmiths may exempt students from some parts of their programme of study by recognition of their prior learning from previous experiences and achievements, either where credit has been awarded for learning at a higher education level or through demonstration of the achievement of equivalent learning outcomes through vocational or other experience (RPL).


Applicants / students must make a formal application to be considered for exemption from any part of a programme. Goldsmiths maintains a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy (PDF) which provides guidance to applicants for RPL and to departments in processing RPL applications.