Student Contract

Understanding your relationship with Goldsmiths ("the student contract").

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Your relationship with us is governed by a ‘contract' relating to the delivery of educational services, which we refer to as the Student Contract

The Student Contract relates to the delivery of educational services. This means the provision of education on your programme generally and the general expectations and requirements that apply to these educational services.

By accepting an offer to study with us, you are entering into a formal contract, so it is important that you understand what this means and what forms part of your contract.

This page sets out what is included in the contract and helps you to understand what rights and obligations you have as a student of Goldsmiths.

What your contract includes

Students are bound by the Terms and Conditions of the year you commence your programme of study and a number of regulations, policies and procedures that set out how we deal with various parts of your student journey.

The following form part of the overall Student Contract:

A range of policies and procedures as amended from time to time including:

If there is a conflict between any of the above, then we would resolve it in the order we have set out parts of your Student Contract above.

Key parts of your contract

We have a legal obligation to make sure that we highlight any key or surprising parts of your contract. At the point an offer is made to study with Goldsmiths, you are sent information about the contract. This is usually in the form of downloadable PDF documents. We have set out some of the key parts below.

Important parts of your offer

The terms and conditions sent alongside your offer letter explain when an offer may be withdrawn. You should pay particular attention to this information so that you understand what situations could affect your offer status. Factors that could impact on your offer include:

  • if we discover that false or misleading information was provided during the application process

  • if you do not provide evidence that you have met the conditions of your offer in time (usually there is a deadline in your offer letter or email before the 31 August in the year when you intend to study, 1 December for programmes beginning in January, or within three days of the start of your programme if you are a Pre-Sessional Student)

  • if we become aware that you do not meet the English language requirements, either for admission to Goldsmiths or for a student visa application as applicable

  • if you require a student visa and we reasonably believe you are not eligible to apply for one, either because of UK immigration laws or Goldsmiths standard policies and procedures

  • if you have applied to study a programme that contains regulatory requirements, such as the requirement for criminal checks, and you have been unable to satisfactorily complete those checks in time

Your offer letter explains that your enrolment with us involves you showing your identity and visa documents if applicable. Goldsmiths is legally required to check that you have the right to live and study in the UK before confirming your enrolment. If you are unable to present a suitable visa to study with us as applicable, your offer could be withdrawn or deferred.

Important information about the delivery of 'educational services'

The terms and conditions of your offer set out instances when we may occasionally need to make changes to your programme, including withdrawing it completely.

While Goldsmiths takes all reasonable steps to deliver the programme you have been offered a place on, there may be circumstances that are beyond our reasonable control or happen exceptionally, that impact on our ability to deliver the agreed programme.

The terms and conditions include a 'force majeure' clause, which explains when Goldsmiths will not be responsible for failing to deliver educational services to you.

Tuition fee information

Your offer letter should confirm whether you have been classified as liable to pay the Home tuition fee rate or the International student rate. Your offer letter should also confirm or direct you to the information about tuition fees for your programme.

As non-payment of tuition fees can have serious consequences, you should make sure you fully understand what is expected and required of you in relation to the payment of fees to Goldsmiths. This is explained in your terms and conditions of offer.