Academic Manual - Introduction

The Academic Manual holds information in relation to your academic experience at Goldsmiths in one place.

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It specifies the regulations, what you can expect of us, and what we can expect of you. The regulations aren’t always very detailed, but you can find out more through the policies, procedures and guidance that link to each of them.


The manual contains regulations, policy, procedure and guidance.

The regulations are the rules behind your contract with Goldsmiths as an enrolled student and everyone complies with these.

Policies and Codes are the statements of practice by which we conduct the business of Goldsmiths – again, we expect everyone to comply with these.

The procedures are the ways in which we carry out the policies and regulations, and guidance is detailed information that provides assistance in specific areas.

By enrolling, all students agree to be bound by the Goldsmiths Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations.

Terms and Conditions

It is important to be aware of the regulations as they also underpin the Terms and Conditions we have with you.

The Goldsmiths Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations (and, where relevant, the University of London Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations) regulate Goldsmiths’ activity and that of its staff and students.

Staff and Students also have an obligation to comply with the law when on Goldsmiths premises or conducting Goldsmiths business.

Illegal activities may be dealt with as internal disciplinary offences, including in cases where there is also a criminal prosecution.

All members of the College and others on Goldsmiths premises or taking part in Goldsmiths activity will be expected to behave consistently with our values related to Equality & Diversity and take responsibility for their role in our shared effort to make progress.

Suspension of Regulations

Occasionally there may be circumstances beyond our control when specific regulations may be suspended or amended for one or more students

These will not be to the detriment of the students and in all instances would be approved by Goldsmiths’ committees and Academic Board.

Qualifications and Credit Framework

All programmes of study at Goldsmiths are developed in accordance with the Qualifications and Credit Framework (PDF) and are formally reviewed by both internal staff and external experts.

The details of your academic programme are referenced in your programme specification, which is published on the programme pages and (VLE).

Download the full Goldsmiths Academic Manual (PDF)