Regulations for Research Programmes

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4.1 Assessment


Assessment of the MPhil and PhD is in the form of a thesis. The generic format of the MPhil and PhD thesis is defined in the Code of Practice on Postgraduate Research and Training. Any additional Requirements specific to departments are set out in programme specifications.


Goldsmiths regulations governing the conduct of Examinations for Research Degrees, including policy on Examination Entry and Nomination of Examiners, Thesis Submission, Viva Voce, Examination outcomes, Final Thesis Deposition, Completion of corrections and amendments, Re-Entry following a referral and Appeals are set out in the Guidelines for the Research Degree Examinations Process.


Instructions on submission, format and binding of theses submitted for the degrees of MPhil and PhD are provided separately in Research Student Essential Examination Information.


Students must comply with all submission requirements given by examiners and the Graduate School.


Outcomes of the PhD examination are identified in categories set out in the Guidelines for the Research Degree Examination Process. These categories are based on:

  • Pass
  • Pass with amendments
  • Not pass with amendments
  • Fail or award of MPhil


A student may have up to two attempts to pass the final examination.


At least two examiners are appointed for the PhD examination subject to Graduate School approval. One examiner must be external to Goldsmiths and University of London.


Two assessors (both academic staff at Goldsmiths) are appointed by the student’s academic department for the upgrade examination from MPhil to PhD programmes.