Regulations for Research Programmes

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4.9 Academic Appeals


Postgraduate research students are entitled to request a review of the outcome from a Transfer of Registration panel, Special Academic Review and/or Research Degree Examination in accordance with the guidelines established in the Code of Practice for Postgraduate Research and Training, by lodging an Academic Appeal on one or more of the following grounds:

  • Administrative error or procedural irregularity in the way in which the assessment was conducted
  • There is evidence of prejudice or of bias such that the validity of the result of examination is called into question
  • Their performance was adversely impacted by extenuating circumstances which they could not disclose to examiners within 7 days of the assessment affected


Academic Appeals cannot be submitted on the following grounds:

  • Ignorance of assessment requirements and assessment regulations
  • Challenge of academic judgement
  • Appeals based on extenuating circumstances which do not provide evidence to explain why those circumstances could not have been brought to the attention of the examiners within 7-days of the assessment.


Academic Appeals must be received in accordance with the Appeals Procedure. Academic Appeals received which do not adhere to the Appeals Procedure may not be considered.


Once the Academic Appeals Procedure has been completed, any student who is dissatisfied with the final decision may refer matters for external review to the Office for the Independent Adjudicator.