Academic appeals for postgraduate research

You can make an Academic Appeal at various times during your Postgraduate Research studies.

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The information on this page applies to Postgraduate Research students (eg PhD, MPhil).

Students on undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses (eg BA, MA, PGCE, Foundation) have different guidance.

When you can appeal

For postgraduate research students, the grounds of appeal and the procedure to appeal are the same as for taught students, however, the point at which postgraduate research students may appeal is different.

Students enrolled on postgraduate research programmes may also appeal the outcome from a Transfer of Registration panel, the extension of registration process, Special Academic Review and/or Research Degree Examination (for further information please refer to section 4.9 of the Regulations for Research Programmes and the Academic Appeals Policy and Procedures).

Postgraduate students must receive a formal decision via letter or official email before they can submit a formal appeal. The time limit for making an appeal will be set out in that letter.

If you are a postgraduate research student and have received a formal decision that you would like to appeal, please follow the procedure for taught students to submit a formal (Stage One) appeal.

Appeal Process

Stage One: Formal appeal

If you decide to formally appeal you must do this within 21 days of your Transcript being published online.

Submit a Stage One appeal

You are strongly encouraged to seek advice from the Goldsmiths’ Students Union advice service before submitting an appeal.

Stage Two: Request a review

If you are unhappy with the Stage Two outcome you may be able to request a final internal review of your appeal if you have grounds for review.

You must do this within three weeks of receiving your Stage One decision.

How to request a review