Academic Appeals (Stage Two)

How to make a formal appeal about your result.

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Read our main page on Academic Appeals before continuing on this page.

If, after considering Stage 1 you have decided to make a formal appeal about a result, you should submit the form on this page. The form offers guidance at each step.

You can only appeal:

  • After your Transcript of Results has been published
  • For UG/PGT student - within 21 days of the date your Transcript was published online
  • For PGR students - within the time limit stated in your formal decision letter

More on when you can appeal and appealing after the deadline for UG/PGT students and PGR students.

Remember, there are only three grounds under which an appeal may be made.

How an appeal is considered

The appeal is first considered by the Appeals and Complaints Team to see if it is valid and in time. If your form does not appear to set out valid grounds, or if it is late, the Appeals and Complaints Team will contact you to clarify your grounds of appeal or seek information and supporting evidence.

When your appeal is accepted, it is passed to the Chair of the Board of Examiners in your Department to make a decision in line with the relevant Regulations, policy and procedures.

The Regulations, policy and procedures set out the decisions that can be taken if a student shows that they have valid grounds for appeal. This includes removing a penalty cap of a repeat at an assessment or discretionary uplifts to individual module marks (normally by a maximum of 2%).

Contact appeals ( if you need a copy of an appeal form.

Stage Two: Formal appeal form

Submit a Stage Two appeal form.