Complaints from non-students

Our formal student complaint processes are only for current students, interrupted students and those who have completed their studies in the last two months.

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Public complaints

If you are not connected to Goldsmiths and wish to raise an issue you can use our public complaints procedure.


See our Feedback, Appeals and Complaints (pre-enrolment) Policy (PDF).

Former students

After your studies have ended - you will only be able to submit a complaint if you can provide reasons and supporting evidence to explain why you could not complain during or within two months of completing your studies.

Debt and Credit Control

Complaints about debt due to the College made more than two months after studies have ended will not normally come under the Student Complaint Procedure.

If you are a former student and want to complain about the debt or the debt collection process, then you should first raise your concerns with the Credit Control team who will explain why the debt is due.

If you submitted a complaint while you were a student or within two months of completing your studies, then Credit Control will check to ensure the complaint outcome has been taken into account when calculating the debt due.

Acting on behalf of a student

We can only accept complaints from the student(s) involved.

This means we cannot accept a complaint, an appeal or report of conduct breach from other people including parents or guardians.

Students will have the right to be accompanied, assisted or represented by another member of Goldsmiths (a currently enrolled student, or a member of staff of the College, or a member of staff or elected officer of the Students’ Union), if needed during the process.

Goldsmiths will not enter into discussions about issues with third parties without explicit written permission from the student.

If there are circumstances that mean the student is unable to raise the issue themselves within the time limit, contact us for advice by emailing complaints (