Exam problems and support

What to do if something has gone wrong with your exams.

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If you are worried about your assessments visit the Student Centre for help and advice or attend a Wellbeing Drop-in.

Exam missing from timetable

If you have an exam missing from your timetable contact assessments (@gold.ac.uk).

Don’t have an ID card

If you have lost your ID card before the day of your examination, you should visit the Security office to purchase a replacement card.

If you have left it at home on the day of your exam, you should visit the Student Centre before the start of your exam.

Late for an exam

You can enter an exam room up to 30 minutes after the exam start time. After this you are not permitted into the exam room.

If you have any questions on what happens next you can visit the Assessments Manager in the Student Centre.

Missed an exam or assessment

If you have missed an exam or assessment due to extenuating circumstances (EC), you should contact your department to submit an EC application.

If you missed an exam or assessment due to poor time management, you will be marked as absent, and this will be reported to the Board of Examiners.

Appeal the decision of the Board of Examiners

If you are unhappy with the decision of the Board of Examiners, you should initially contact your department to understand the decision.

If you are still unhappy following this, you can appeal the decision based on the following grounds:

  1. That your performance was adversely impacted by extenuating circumstances which you could not disclose to the examiners within 7-days of the assessments affected
  2. That there was some form of administrative error or procedural irregularity in the way in which an examination or assessment was conducted
  3. That there is demonstrable evidence of prejudice or of bias on the part of one or more of the examiners such that the validity of the examination is called into question

See full details on the Academic Appeals process.