Past PhD students



Tito Imanda
Collaborative Filmmaking with Traditional Performers in Highland Java: A Practice-Based PhD Thesis

Daniel Eliyahu Mann
Home Alone: Habitual Media as Warfare

Andrea Nunez Casal
The microbiomisation of social categories of difference: An interdisciplinary critical science study of the human microbiome as the re-enactment of the immune self

Jon Gunnar Olafsson
Media, Democracy and Small States: Political Communication in Iceland


Kareena Coelho
Frozen Screens: Discourses of Nunavummiut Internet

Lindsay Polly Crisp
Fragment / Part / Whole: Matter and Mediality in Michael Landy's Break Down

Shruti Desai
Planting Trees with Digital Media: Reimagining Ecological Care

Omega Douglas
Backstories/Black Stories: Black Journalists, INGOs and the Racial Politics of Representing Sub-Saharan Africa in Mainstream UK News Media

Mark Fitzgerald
Commanded Capitalism: a Study of the Beijing Financial Street

Deborah Frances Grayson
Faithful Knowledges: the mediation of plural collectives in an interfaith charity

Sarah Hussein Hamdar
Religion, Resistance and New Horizons of Nationhood: A Study of Hizbullah's Promotional Communication (2006-2018)

Ting-Ying Lin
Politics, Identities and Activism in Contemporary Hong Kong and Taiwan Cinemas

Jack Mosse
Economic Imaginaries Across the Public Sphere: an empirical exploration into economic understandings and representations across four sites in the UK

Minou Norouzi
Object Documentary: The Ethics of the Documentary Encounger Reframed

Zaher Omareen
Zero-Degree Cinema: Filming the Syrian Uprising

Noemie Oxley
'The Real Nasty Side of War': An Iconology of Amateur Productions Shot by American Soldiers

S M Shameem Reza
NGO-Led Community Radio in Bangladesh: Democratizing Communication?

Sanja Vico
'Doing Nation' in a Digital Age: Banal Expressions of Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism in Polymedia among Serbian Londoners


Emma Duester
Homes on the Move: Transborder Communities of Practice in the European Union

Jorge Saavedra Utman
Media and Communicative Practices in the Quest for the Commons: Chile's 2011 Student Movement

Robert Cenci
Immunitary Gaming: Mapping the First-Person Shooter

Phaedra Shanbaum
The Interface is Obsolete: A Critical Investigation of the Digital Interface in Interactive New Media Installations

Tom Tlalim
The Sound System of the State: Sonic Strategies for Political Critique on the Borders of Palestine/Israel

Stephen Jukes
Affective Journalism - uncovering the affective dimension of practice in the coverage of traumatic news

Catalin-Mihai Brylla
A Spectatorship-based Approach to Undoing Blindness Stereotypes in Documentary Practice

Elinor Carmi
Why Spam? Challenging categorisation of information in media technologies.

Ella Fegitz
Mediated post-feminist subjectivities in neo-liberal Italy.

Linnete Manrique
Mestizaje: The All-Inclusive Fiction

Jacob Mukherjee
Taking Back the City: An Investigation into Collective Politics in Contemporary London

Ozden Sahin
Political Violence and Networks in the 21st Century Media Art from the Mediterranean: 4 Case Studies from 2000-2015


Catarina Pereira
Postcolonial Objects of Collective Re-membering among Portuguese Muslims of Indian and Mozambican Origins

Su-Anne Yeo
Transnational Screens and Asia Pacific Public Cultures: Vancouver, Toronto and Hong Kong 1997-2007

Cyrine Amor
Social media after the revolution: : New political realities and everyday network practices in the context of Tunisia (2011-2013)

Jung Koo Kim
Cinema of Paradox – The Individual and the Crowd in Jia Zhangke’s films

Sarah Beck
Appropriating Narratives of Conflict in Contemporary Verbatim Theatre: A Practice-as-Research-led Investigation into the Role of the Playwright

Mihaela Brebenel
Moving Images in Romanian Critical Art Practice and Recent History

Anat Balint
'Branded Discourse', Commercialisation of media content: reality shows as a case study

Paola Valeria Crespi
Rudolf Laban's Graphic Philosophy: Movement, Rhythm, Diagramming

Yu-Kei Tse
Watching Foreign TV in an Age of Online Sharing: the Cultural Implications of Cross-Border Television Experience

Postmigrant Theatre and Cultural Diversity in the Arts: Race, Precarity and Artistic Labour in Berlin

Lei Hao
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Ethnic Identity Formation in China: The Sibe People and the Concept and Practice of Minzu


Loubna Bijdiguen
Colonial and Orientalist Veils: Associations of Islamic Female Dress in the French and Moroccan Press and Politics

Paolo Ruffino
Gamers' Games: Narratives of Conflict, Independence and Engagement in Video Game Culture

Gary James Merrill
Convergence and Divergence: a Study of British Economic, Business and Financial Journalism 

Corey H. Kai Nelson Schultz
Class Feelings: Moving Figures in the Films of Jia Zhangke

Katherine Wright
Who is reporting Africa now?

Sebastian KubitschkoMedia practices of civil society organisations: Emerging paths to legitimation and long-term engagement


Sabine El Chamaa
The manufacture of the war narrative

Catherine Walsh 
Financialization and the UK State, 1976-2012 

James Morrison
Anatomising Britain’s rolling juvenile moral panic(s): an investigation into the influence of the UK news media on contemporary attitudes and behaviours towards children

Hong Real Lee
The Pusan International Film Festival and its communicative potential to pave the way for the unification of the Korean Peninsula as a cultural public sphere


A.S.M. Asaduzzaman
ICT, Gender and Empowerment: Community Information Centre in the Lives of Three Rural Communities in Bangladesh

Hsiu-Chin Hung
The role of Japanese and Korean trendy dramas (soap operas) in the formation of the national/cultural preferences of the youth in Taiwan

Dong Hyun Son
Power Struggles in Korean Cyberspace and Korean Cyber Asylum Seekers

Elena Trivelli 
Inside and outside: Affect, embodied experience, and subjectivity formation in the work of Franco Basaglia

Nathan To
The Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma Through Mediated, Distributed Vision in 2nd Generation Canadian-Chinese Experience

Stefania Charitou 
Cinematic representations of immigration in the new global city

Pola Bousiou 
Constantly displaced from my own? My own self (a quest for auto-methodology)

Tara Blake Wilson 
Necromancing the Wistrand Family Film Collection: Archive, Aura, Assemblage and Auto-ethnography

Daniel Strutt
The Difference the Digital Makes: the affective Synthesis of reality by Digital Screen MediaAffect and Digital Synthesis: Digitality’s Passive Grammatisation of Reality

Mireya Marquez Ramirez
Change or continuity? Journalism culture and political transition in Mexico


Brar, Dhanveer
Masculinity, Blackness and Performance in mid to late C20th African-American Popular Music

Burchell, Kenzie
The Barriers that Bind: Everyday Conventions of Presence and Privacy

Chalklin, Victoria
Performing Queer Selves: Intersubjectivity and the Affective Publics of Queer Performance

Ha, Seung-Woo
National Cinema after Globalization in Korea

Hadzi, Adnan
The author vs. the collective

Lavi, Eyal
Transnational perspectives on national identity and mediated place

Lee, Bong
The Financial Market and the Media

Mahmod, Jowan
Reconfiguring Diaspora: Kurds Online

Menotti, Gabriel
Movie/Cinema – Rearrangements of the Apparatus in Contemporary Movie Circulation

Schlosberg, Justin
Covering Crimes of the Establishment: Media spectacles of accountability

Song, Donghyun
The Influence of Transnational Culture: The impact of American Television Serial Drama on Korean Media Culture


Crip, Virginia
Film Distribution in the Age of the Internet: East Asian Cinema in the U.K.

Dencik, Lina
Global Civil Society’ and the Organisation of News: A Critique

Forkert, Kirsten
Working conditions of artists in post-industrial society

Jordan, Wendy
The Functions of Contemporary Hollywood Film Music

Krajina, Zlatan
Media and Privacy: Negotiating ‘Self’ on Mediated Public Places

Lekakis, Eleftheria
Politics in the Pocket? Coffee Activism, Political Consumerism and the Internet

Oliver, Hatty
An exploration of the conflict between art and commerce in the cultural production of British fashion magazines

Redden, Joanna
The Mediation of Poverty: The News, New Media and Politics


Andersson, Jonas
Peer-to-peer-based file-sharing - a grounded, situated perspective on digitization of media content and peer-to-peer-based file-sharing technology

Conor, Bridget
Film Workers as Creative Workers

Dowmunt, Tony
Me Tube: autobiographical documentary and video diary making in a 'post-documentary' context

Gerbaudo, Paolo
A pedagogy of orientation: spatial rhetorics in anti-capitalist media

James, Stephen (MPhil)
Vietnamese spaces in a London landscape: networks, media and identity formation through transmigration

Su, Cui
Ethics, Famine and Humanitarianism: unravelling exorcisms through deconstructive thinking


Barassi, Veronica
Mediated Resistance: Alternative Media, Imagination and Political Action in Britain

Frabetti, Frederica
Technology Made Legible: A Cultural Study of Software as a Form of Writing in the Theories and Practices of Software Engineering

MacDonald, Richard
Film Appreciation and the Postwar Film Society Movement

Mackie, Gavin
Loading world: (re)Creating Nature, Life and Cosmos in Artificial Life Computer Games

Saini, Roopa
Crossing Boundaries: Indian Diasporic Screen Culture in the US and UK

Yu, Vinnie
Taipei Audiences’ Multi-Platform ‘Film-Viewing’ Practices: Film Industry, Generations of Audiences, and Transnationalised Local Cinema Culture

Yu, Guo-Chiang
Struggling Industry, Liberated Audiences, and the ‘Cinemagoing’: Taipei Audiences’ Consumption of Films in the Digital Era


Allen, Kimberly
Jostling the demands of Neo-liberalism: Youth, Class and Gender in New Labour’s Creative Education Agend

Lee, David
Precarious Creativity: Independent television production in the UK

Wei Shi
Undoing Chineseness in contemporary Chinese cinemas


Carson, Craig (MPhil) 
Crashing Through: Locating Space and Power in Local Independent Music Production

Dane, Julia
Talking Girls: New Femininities, Old Moralities

Henriques, Julian
Sonic bodies, technology, culture & practice in the Reggae sound system

Rogers, Olivia
Reframing Media Violence: Discourse Analysis and the Third Person Effect

Tezuka, Yoshiharu
Internationalization, Globalization and Cosmopolitanization of Japanese Cinema and Industry

Yoon, Ae-Ri
The Inbetweeners: The Korean animation industry negotiates the global and the National


Gorny, Eugene
A Creative History of the Russian Internet

Hazan, Susan
Mapping the Musesphere: Cultures of exhibition and technologies of display

Kuo, Li-Hsin
A Critical Analysis of Documentary Photography in Taiwan, 1985-1989

Li, Sen-Yin
Framing the Debate: Narratives of Risk in Press Coverage of GM Foods

Matos, Carolina
Journalism and Politcal Democracy in Brazil (1984-2002)

Saif, Anna
Discourses of Dispossession: Palestine and the Palestinians in Early Photography and Film

Sullivan, Tony
Consuming Brands


Coyer, Kate
It’s Not Just Radio: Models of Community Broadcasting in Britain and the United States

Dorce, Andre
The Politics of Melodrama: The representation of politics in the telenovela ‘Nada Personal’ in the context of transition to democracy in Mexico

Iwasa, Masashi
Life is Treasure for Everyone – Actually Emerging Cosmopolitanism in the Experiences of the Okinawan Peace Movement Participants 

Karaosmanoglu, Kerem
Beyond the Nation: minorities and identities in urban Turkey


Chambers, Louise
Bridget Jones and the post-feminist condition: Towards a geneaology of Thirtysomething feminity

Ewenstein, Boris
Post-subculture and reflexivity: cultural learning in London and Berlin

Favilla, Andre Luis
Images of the virtual: rethinking photography in the age of biotechnologies

Lai, Carol Pui-Yee
Political Change & Journalistic Norms: The Case of the Hong Kong Press (1967-2003)

Melville, Caspar
London Underground: The Multicultural routes of London Dance Cultures

Sammut, Carmen
Pillars of polarisation: news production content and reception in the Maltese islands 

Maio Dias Veloso, Maria Fernanda
Performing art: reinventing avant-garde practice and the role of the artist


Park, Hyunjo
The global and the vernacular: the non-western appropriation of global pop and the reconstruction of national cultural identity in the realm of contemporary Korean popular music


Frangou, Georgia Phoebe
Soap opera reception in Greece: resistance, negotiation, and viewing positions

Gant, Mike Chopra
Soldiers, civilians and celluloid: negotiating postwar anxieties in popular Hollywood films 

Sim, Soek Fang
Asian Values, Asian Democracy: The Legitimation of Authority and De-Legitimation of Dissent in Everyday Popular Discourse in Singapore in the Late 1990s


Alvares, Maria Claudia
Humanism after colonialism

Cornel, Christian
East German broadcasting and social unification

Dover, Caroline
British documentary television production radition, change and ‘crisis’ within a practitioner community

Patells, Korinna
The political economy of the Internet

Williamson, Millie
Women and vampire fiction: texts, fandom and the construction of identity


Butler, Margot
Epistemology, Politics and Subjectivity in Artists’ Collective Projects

Davis, Aeron
Public relations, political communications and national news production in Britain 1979-1999

Michalidou, Martha
Femininity confessed: the transformation of feminine experience from postwar women's magazines to the modern talk show

Pimlot, Herbert
‘From the margins to the mainstream’: a study of the transformation of Marxism Today


Brewer, Sandy
The Hope of the World: the story of Jesus and its influence in the formation of identity in working class girls in Britain 1900-1945

Hujic, Alida
MTV Europe: an analysis of the channel's attempt to design a programming strategy for a Pan-European youth audience

Nikolaidis, Aris
Mass Communications: the media under restrictive legislation: the case of the Greek press, 1989-1994

Serra, Sonia
The media, the international public sphere, and the killing of street children in Brazil


Burston, Jonathan
The megamusical: new forms and relations in global cultural production

Catalbas, Dilruba
The crisis of public service broadcasting Turkish television in the 1990s

Lacey, Joanne
Seeing through happiness: class, gender and popular film: Liverpool women remember the Fifties film musical


Couldry, Nick
Sites of power, journeys of discovery: Place and politics within the hierarchy of the media frame

Dinsmore-Tul, Uma
The domestication of film: Video, cinephilia and the collecting and viewing of videotapes in the home

Goffey, Andy
A Logic of Multiplicities

Pini, Maria
Other Traces: a cultural study of clubbing and new modes of femininity


Chu, Shuan-Pin
Taiwan: media control, new communications technologies and people’s national and cultural identities

Hesmondhalgh, David
Independent record companies and democratisation in the popular music industry

Terranova, Tiziana
The intertextual presence of cyberpunk in cultural and subcultural accounts of science and technology


Lovering, Katherine
Discourses of menstruation: girls, menarche, and psychology

Vidali, Anna
Forbidden history and/as subjectivity