Current postgraduate students


A list of our current supervisors and who they are supervising.

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Freida Abtan

Fredia Abtan's profile (supervisor)

  • Michele Dessi

John Drever

John Drever's profile (supervisor)

  • Antonis Antoniou: Aural Aura and Haunting Echoes: Sites with complex biographies
  • Tine Blom: Nature, wilderness and ecological awareness: Exploration, experience and the creation of audio-visual artworks of a mountain     
  • James Bulley: Sound Art Trajectories and the Archival Impulse (Co-supervisor Prof. Janis Jeffries)
  • Mattia Cobianchi
  • Chris Cook: Sound anamnesis: soundscape composition for reminiscence in person- centred dementia care 
  • Chris DeLaurenti (with Irish Garrelfs)
  • Gregorio Fontaine Correa: Why (and how to) make music after the experimental tradition?
  • Annie Goh
  • I-chin Li
  • Sophia Loizou
  • Sam Murray: Composers, Players, and Clients: Facilitating Collaborative Musical Creativity and Consumption in a Virtual World
  • Tommaso Perego: Towards a Sonic Choreosophia: An investigation on the Movement of Sound Sources for creating musical works
  • Claudia Martinho: Bioacoustic Architecture: Exploring sonic space design towards an ecology of vibration 
  • Carter Speedy: Sonic Diaspora(s): integrating soundscape composition, ethnography, oral history and urban sociology

Ian Gardiner

Ian Gardiner's profile (supervisor)

  • Alexis Bennett: British Film Music in the 1930s

Stephen Graham

Stephen Graham's profile (supervisor)

  • Maria Perevedentseva
  • David Stockard (with Roger Redgate)

Berta Joncus

Berta Joncus's profile (supervisor)

  • Lois Breckon

Naomi Matsumoto

Naomi Matsumoto's profile (supervisor)

  • Magdalini Nikolaidou: Beyond a Representation of the Visible: an Interpretative Study of Rakhmaninov's Études-Tableaux opp. 33 & 39 

Simon McVeigh

Simon McVeigh's profile (supervisor)

  • Nicole Crespo O'Donoghue
  • Ondrej Gima
  • Sevasti Nourou
  • Clare Salaman

Keith Negus

Keith Negus's profile (supervisor)

  • Benjamin Assiter
  • Pete Gofton
  • Emma Winston

Barley Norton

Barley Norton's profile (supervisor)

  • Jasmine Hornabrook: Transnational networks, musical learning and performance in London's Tamil diaspora
  • Chun Kwok Wong
  • Christopher Hanby
  • Lin Lin (with Pete Furniss)

Tom Perchard

Tom Perchard's profile (supervisor)

  • Alex de Lacey
  • Fiamma Mozzetta
  • Jeremiah Spillane: Identity, Improvisation and Influence – the Stylistic Development and Enduring Legacy of Django Reinhardt

Jeremey Peyton Jones

Jeremey Peyton Jones' profile (supervisor)

  • Elfyn Jones

Keith Potter

Keith Potter's profile (supervisor)

  • Paul Cassidy/Kean (Performance Pathway): American Minimalist and Postminimalist Music for Solo Piano and Two Pianos 

Roger Redgate

Roger Redgate's profile (supervisor)

  • Mohammad Ansari: Acoustic composition
  • Richard Bolley: Acoustic composition
  • Christopher Crawley: Acoustic composition
  • Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari
  • Roger Illingworth: Acoustic composition
  • Hardi Kurda: Acoustic composition
  • Jacob Lekkerkerker (with Pete Furniss and Patricia Allesandrini)
  • Daniel Ross (with Patricia Allesandrini)
  • David Stockard (with Stephen Graham)
  • Alistair White
  • Slavko Zagorac

Lauren Redhead

  • Sarah Westwood

Holly Rogers

Holly Roger's profile (supervisor)

  • Shelley Calhoun-Scullion
  • Raymond Sookram