Current postgraduate students


A list of our current supervisors and who they are supervising.

Patricia Allesandrini

Patricia Allesandrini's profile (supervisor)

  • Rob Canning
  • Christopher Cousin
  • Michele Dessi
  • Daniel Ross
  • Sarah Westwood
  • Slavko Zagorac

John Drever

John Drever's profile (supervisor)

  • Antonis Antoniou: Aural Aura and Haunting Echoes: Sites with complex biographies
  • Tine Blom: Nature, wilderness and ecological awareness: Exploration, experience and the creation of audio-visual artworks of a mountain     
  • James Bulley: Sound Art Trajectories and the Archival Impulse (Co-supervisor Prof. Janis Jeffries)
  • Chris Cook: Sound anamnesis: soundscape composition for reminiscence in person- centred dementia care 
  • Gregorio Fontaine Correa: Why (and how to) make music after the experimental tradition?
  • Sam Murray: Composers, Players, and Clients: Facilitating Collaborative Musical Creativity and Consumption in a Virtual World
  • Tommaso Perego: Towards a Sonic Choreosophia: An investigation on the Movement of Sound Sources for creating musical works
  • Claudia Martinho: Bioacoustic Architecture: Exploring sonic space design towards an ecology of vibration 
  • Carter Speedy: Sonic Diaspora(s): integrating soundscape composition, ethnography, oral history and urban sociology

Ian Gardiner

Ian Gardiner's profile (supervisor)

  • Alexis Bennett: British Film Music in the 1930s
  • Jeff Spencer: Portfolio - Contemporary Jazz Composition

Berta Joncus

Berta Joncus's profile (supervisor)

  • Verica Grmusa

Naomi Matsumoto

Naomi Matsumoto's profile (supervisor)

  • Magdalini Nikolaidou: Beyond a Representation of the Visible: an Interpretative Study of Rakhmaninov's Études-Tableaux opp. 33 & 39 

Simon McVeigh

Simon McVeigh's profile (supervisor)

  • Anupam Roy
  • Bethan Smith 

Keith Negus

Keith Negus's profile (supervisor)

  • Amanda Gillis-Furutaka
  • Emma Winston

Barley Norton

Barley Norton's profile (supervisor)

  • Jasmine Hornabrook: Transnational networks, musical learning and performance in London's Tamil diaspora
  • Lin Lin

Tom Perchard

Tom Perchard's profile (supervisor)

  • Jeremiah Spillane: Identity, Improvisation and Influence – the Stylistic Development and Enduring Legacy of Django Reinhardt
  • Jasmin Taylor: Towards a Gendered Analysis of the Music of Billie Holiday

Jeremey Peyton Jones

Jeremey Peyton Jones' profile (supervisor)

  • Elfyn Jones

Keith Potter

Keith Potter's profile (supervisor)

  • Paul Cassidy (Performance Pathway): American Minimalist and Postminimalist Music for Solo Piano and Two Pianos  
  • Paul Gilgunn: Rhys Chatham and American Postminimalism 
  • Ourania Menelaou

Anthony Pryer

Anthony Pryer's profile (supervisor)

  • Kathryn Mosley
  • Lois Breckon
  • Miguel Esteban
  • Coady Green

Cameron Pyke

  • Viktoria Zora

Roger Redgate

Roger Redgate's profile (supervisor)

  • Mohammad Ansari: Acoustic composition
  • Richard Bolley: Acoustic composition
  • Christopher Crawley: Acoustic composition
  • Polly Hewett: Acoustic composition
  • Roger Illingworth: Acoustic composition
  • Hardi Kurda: Acoustic composition
  • Silvia Rosani: Acoustic composition
  • Valerie Welbanks: Acoustic composition

Latest news

PhD funding success: Music will host an AHRC-funded PhD project from next year, thanks to an award just made under the CHASE scheme. Applications for the next round of PhD funding will be invited again in the autumn.

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