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Aisha Abid Hussain

"I owe all my personal and artistic growth to London and to Goldsmiths."

Main details

Year graduated 2012
Department Art
Programme MFA Fine Art
Occupation Artist

"When I decided to apply for MFAs, Goldsmiths became my eminent choice among other Art institutions in London for having a diverse and cutting-edge programme. I was seeking an environment that can play a pivotal role in pushing me out of the comfort zone, artists are prone to reside in. As a practicing artist, I was interested in developing a new visual idiom to find my place within the Contemporary Art Scene. I choose Goldsmiths because what I learned about the Institute and programme was exactly what I needed at that point. I consider it to be the best time of my institutionalised life.

"The programme did open up the horizons I was struggling against. Interaction and exchange of ideas with fellow artists coming from such diverse backgrounds actually changed my perception about art making. Great facilities and help of experts around made it possible for me to explore new mediums in my practice. What Goldsmiths provided me as an artist is an enhanced vision/intellect to analyse various art forms and to look at things from a different perspective all together. 

"The MFA Programme at Goldsmiths provided me with an opportunity to reflect on my practice in such a way that I could bridge it to the context I was probably shying away from. A chance to share ideas with many contemporary artists, writers and theorists coming in as tutors filled me with an immense confidence to believe in the visual narrative I was daring to explore in my practice. The way I was pushed at the beginning of the programme to achieve clarity in my ideas was the key to a much articulate practice by the end. I owe all my personal and artistic growth to London and to Goldsmiths."

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