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Joey Holder

"Goldsmiths taught me to continuously push my work forward and take risks."

Main details

Year graduated 2010
Department Art
Programme MFA Fine Art

"After my BA I didn't want to focus on a particular medium and wanted to expand my knowledge and practice. After seeing the work in the MFA Fine Art degree shows and visiting the University I felt that Goldsmiths was the best place to challenge and rethink my ways of making, which was reflected in the wide range of work on display. I made a great number of friends and peers who have been invaluable to my development as an artist during and after studying at Goldsmiths. Without these networks there would be less opportunities to show work and share ideas. The feedback I received from the tutors, visiting tutors and students helped me to understand my work from an outside perspective. My work developed in ways that I could never have imagined as I was able to experiment with different media and modes of display. The seminars and tutorials helped me to think 'critically' and question different forms of contemporary art and discourse. Goldsmiths taught me to continuously push my work forward and take risks. Since leaving Goldsmiths I have been lucky enough to take part in numerous exhibitions and awards in London and overseas. I believe that many of these opportunities wouldn't have come to fruition without the knowledge and networks I have maintained from my time studying at Goldsmiths."


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