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"I developed my own artistic language and learned to question accepted patterns and processes of thought."

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Country Singapore

"Both my art teachers at college graduated from Goldsmiths; although they had varying artistic practices and different modes of production, there was a profound depth to their knowledge and methodologies that I myself wished to attain through a challenging and comprehensive university education. Thus I joined the Fine Art and History of Art Joint Honours course, which has proven to be a most rigorous and rewarding experience.

Drawing from and weaving between the domains of practice and theory, I have been able to explore new areas of interest, structure my understanding of contemporary art and discourse, develop my own artistic language and technical skills, as well as question accepted patterns and processes of thought. I find that Goldsmiths, and my course in particular, not only provides me with the opportunity to continually (re)learn and (re)discover, but also demands of every student the ambition and ability to persistently reassess themselves, so as to stimulate improvement, and so each individual develops and finds conviction in their own subjective perspectives. My time here has been saturated with memorable encounters, and I definitely intend to make the most of the moments yet to be."