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"The one-to-one tutorial programme was very useful. So as the opportunity to present my artwork in front of a wide audience."

Main details

Year graduated 2008
Department Art
Programme BA (Hons) Fine Art
Occupation Artist and researcher
Country Korea, Republic of

"During my course at Goldsmiths, I had the wonderful chance to develop social skills with tutors and classmates. The College's one-to-one tutorial programme and presenting my art in front of everyone made my character more challenging, adventurous and intuitive.

After I graduated Goldsmiths in 2008, I came back to South Korea and began studying art history as well as attending the artist's residential program in my hometown. For two years I had group show with other artists and in December 2010 had my first private exhibition. In 2011, I enrolled in Seoul National University's MA Art History course and chose my major field of study as Korean Buddhist Art. I completed my MA thesis last year and at beginning of this year started working in the National Museum of Korea. During the MA studies, I had chance to learn other languages such as Chinese and Japanese. And to further my field of study, I gained certificate in Chinese Language Test.  

My job as researcher in the National Museum of Korea's Fine Art Department include preparing regular themed exhibitions. Most of the time I translate Korean into English so that the explanatory note on art collections can be provided to international tourists who visit the museum. Also I join the department's team who organise and stage the exhibtion, giving help in lighting the displaying space, carrying the museum collection and wrapping the artifacts when they need to be sent abroad."

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