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"I learnt to take risks and push boundaries."

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Year graduated 2009
Occupation Curator, Romford Contemporary Arts Programme

"At Goldsmiths I learnt how to be an independent and critical thinker. I learnt to take risks and push boundaries. Although I felt that I didn't graduate with the practical skills to get a job/funding in the arts I had the confidence and support from ex tutors to go for it anyway! I was lucky enough to get involved in projects outside of the 'classroom'. I took part in the Trondheim Biennale as part of the course which was an amazing experience. Directly because of my involvement in that project I got invited to do an artist residency in Finland where I met people that I then went on to set up the European organisation To Culture With Love with. Everything went from there! Not only did I make life long friends but I also met people I still work with. On graduation I set up the collective X presents - made up of almost 20 current and former Goldsmiths students.

I'm now Curator at Romford Contemporary Arts Programme, which I started from scratch. It's an attempt to start a contemporary arts 'scene' in TOWIE land! It's such an opportunity to be in a place with so little expectation and so much support from the Council and locals - so much has been possible. Our last project saw a group of 100 artists take over the former Outback Steakhouse unit in the centre of Romford and turn it into the Outback Art House."

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