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"The course exceeds my expectations... staff and lecturers are dedicated and passionate about what they do"

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"I took the five-week Pre-sessional course to pass the English language requirement to study for an MA. The course exceeds my expectation. It's not only preparing me to research, read academic texts, critically analyse, think and write on a postgraduate level but also providing me with insights on theories and knowledge on postmodern philosophy, capitalism and society. I graduated with a BA in Fashion Design last year in Bangkok and most of the theories I studied on this course is on my new territory. By studying it paved way for me to see my life and my study in a new light, how everything is entangled and can be critically observed. Staff and lecturers are dedicated and passionate about what they do, which is doing their best to convey knowledge and make sure we have the best learning environment at Goldsmiths. I'm now studying MA Brands, Communication and Culture, which so far is the most fulfilling educational experience I ever had."

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