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"On the MA you meet people who are very much in tune with your own interests, creating an invaluable peer to peer network."

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"With its intersecting of experimental media practice with critical theory it was not a difficult decision for me to choose Goldsmiths as my place of study. I wanted to explore my own creative practice but with a strong theoretical backbone present along the way, which the College provided.

I found Graham and Luciana to be extremely supportive and inspiring, encouraging me to think more critically than I would have previously and giving me brilliant mentoring on the main two projects which I developed whilst at Goldsmiths: Ace of Spades Hunt and Lost London.

The network which you build during your year on the course is invaluable. I made some lovely friends whilst on my BA but not necessarily any who I would work with. However, on an MA you meet people who are very much in tune with your own interests, creating an invaluable peer to peer network. I think after an MA course this is vital.

Since graduating I've embarked on a one week residency at DEC labs hosted by Metal (facilitated by Graham), starting a project called Emotional Geocaching, I have become part of MzTEK which has given me the chance to work with renowned artists such as Shu Lea Cheang, Tine Bech and Anna Dumitriu, I completed an internship with Blast Theory last year and currently I'm working with Ele Carpenter on her Embroidered Digital Commons project, facilitating workshops for it at Furtherfield Gallery."