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Steph Horak

"Learning to program on the MFA expanded my music practice in untold ways"

Main details

Learning to programme on the MFA expanded my music practice in untold ways, allowing me to develop homemade instruments, new interfaces and novel ways to create and perform music. In addition to this it gave me time, facilities and expert support to explore other media for the first time, such as big data and mobile applications. 

This course is good for artists who want to develop their existing practice in a new computational light, but also for those who are still finding their feet as there are so many creative pathways available. Finally, the networks developed with colleagues when working so intensely in this dedicated environment are lasting, and set each one of us in good stead for future collaborations as we each migrate from academic to professional environments.    

My creative practice continues. I exhibit video works quite regularly, and perform on the London improvisation circuit. I now work for Goldsmiths Computing department on special projects, which include producing exhibitions, conferences, and installing new facilities on campus such as the upcoming FabLab.