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Alexander Brown

"Goldsmiths was a great training ground."

Main details

Year graduated 2007
Department Design
Programme BA (Hons) Design
Occupation Music video director, designer
Country United Kingdom

Since graduating in 2007 he's been nominated for Best New Director at the UK MVAs, has produced artwork campaigns for two Mercury-nominated albums (La Roux and James Blake), and has produced over 30 music videos.

"Goldsmiths challenged me to think progressively, to be curious and always ask questions, so instead of searching for the logical answer, Goldsmiths encourages you to establish your own logic. Which can be very helpful when you’re pitching in a crowded industry. 

Being at Goldsmiths meant I could integrate into the local community and join in with a network of creative people, which in turn meant that I could start out as a graduate knowing loads of interesting people to work with.

I now direct music videos and short films, and also work as an art director/designer on music projects. Goldsmiths was a great training ground, and like a lot of things it's about what you put in, and many of the practical skills I picked up were self motivated, the actual course is more a place to develop your ideas and train your creative processes. I’ve found that it all comes down to the quality of your ideas, so it's really great that the College keeps that as the focus."

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