Siamak Khezrian

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At Goldsmiths, originality is encouraged.

The study experience

The programme is designed in a way that encourages creativity and critical thinking. The head of the programme is a clever, creative and caring person. He's created a safe space where students give and take, strive and thrive. My classmates are incisive and imaginative. It's been a challenge to keep up with them, one that I relish. Doing this degree has been stimulating, provoking and rewarding in equal measure. It has made me more observant and meticulous, encouraging me to tap into and harness my creative powers.

Advice for future students

Do read a lot before the course begins. Stay humble and don't be afraid to ask questions. You don't need to be too cautious when it comes to expressing your ideas. At Goldsmiths, originality is encouraged.

Life in London for an international student

London is lovely, lively and luminous. The city is as charming as they say and more. It's a mélange of beautiful architectural styles and a cosmopolitan mix of different people. This reality is also reflected on the campus in whose halls you can hear different languages and see faces that represent various people from every corner of the globe. Being in an environment like this is interesting and inspiring at once, which suits an aspiring educator/writer well.

Life in New Cross and on campus

New Cross is an intriguing cultural and social mosaic and boasts excellent cafés where socializing with quirky people makes the coffee more enjoyable.

My favourite place on campus is the library. It is a quiet sanctuary where I can better connect with my thoughts and a great space conducive to getting assignments done. I also like the canteen. Their chicken fillets give top restaurants a run for their money.