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"Getting the Lewisham fee waiver has really helped to break down the barriers. It's made me realise how accessible Goldsmiths is"



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Department Educational Studies

“I’ve lived in Lewisham all my life, grew up in Lewisham and went to school around the corner. I’ve always wanted to go to Goldsmiths but I worried that it probably wasn't a university I would be able to get into. A lot of my friends who did apply to university didn’t apply to Goldsmiths because they didn’t think they would get in.

The Lewisham fee waiver has really helped to break down the barriers in that way and shows how Goldsmiths is supporting the local community. It's also helped me to stay in the area which is important for me personally, as well as for my studies.

I’m looking forward to being part of the community at Goldsmiths. I’m most excited about the course but also opportunities like becoming a student ambassador because that will build on work I’ve done before trying to get children and young people engaged.

The next three years for me is going to be hard work but exciting – I’m really looking forward to it.”

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