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Jenny Lewis

Poet, playwright, translator

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Occupation Lecturer at Oxford University

Jenny Lewis is a poet, playwright and translator who teaches poetry at Oxford University. Her PhD subject has been a retelling of the Epic of Gilgamesh from the more matriarchal viewpoint of its original, oral sources (Gilgamesh Retold, Carcanet Classics, 2018). Her dissertation, Translating Epic from an Unfamiliar Language, compares ‘scholarly’ versus ‘poetic’ approaches to translation from Gilgamesh and Homer to the present day. Jenny’s research won the 2016 Warden’s Award for Innovation in Public Engagement. Gilgamesh Retold was a New Statesman Book of the Year 2018 and was praised in the TLS for carrying on Angela Carter’s tradition of ‘disrupting male narratives.'

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