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"The classes were incredibly enjoyable, challenging, and informative"

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"Studying linguistics was something I became interested in through my work in the US higher education system. However, I did not have a clear area of focus, due to my lack of formal education on the topic. My work at the time relied upon intercultural communication and working with people of various backgrounds and experiences. When I found this MA in Sociocultural Linguistics at Goldsmiths, I was confident that such training and education would allow me to focus on linguistics, which I had interest in from the beginning, but also expose me to other facets of linguistics and allow me to hone in on and develop skills that would advance me professionally.

The classes were incredibly enjoyable, challenging, and informative. With a class size of roughly 9-12 and a student and faculty population that represented various corners of the world, the conversations and learning that went on were intimate, stimulating, and unique. The readings, assignments and research encouraged me to push my limits and challenged me academically in a way that I have not been challenged in the past.

Since completing my degree, I have started working at Lasell College in Boston, Massachusetts, working in the Office of International Services. I work closely with the outgoing study abroad student population but also the incoming international students. The knowledge and skills I’ve gained from my degree are utilised every day.

While this program is directly applicable to my career, it is subject matter that anyone would benefit from."

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