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"My time at Goldsmiths was one of the loveliest of my life"

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"I manage a team of digital marketers, where I help them plan, build and launch campaigns for a variety of clients in Silicon Valley. With that, I spend half of my time training new hires just out of university, fresh in the advertising world; the other half is being told off by clients.

My time at Goldsmiths was one of the loveliest of my life. Shortly after graduating it was difficult to see how I could practically use my degree out in the world. It took some time, but eventually I saw how Goldsmiths did more than prepare me for a discussion on the failure of language in Faulkner; Goldsmiths taught me how to communicate ideas, how to question the status quo and stoked my inquisitive nature.

With a diverse student population, you are surrounded by equally passionate, adventurous and thought-provoking people; the people I met are still my closest friends in the world."

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