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Samah Abaza

"It really opens doors to endless networking opportunities that help me develop my project and my skills further."

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Occupation MA Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship.
Country Egypt

"I am studying MA Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship, which offers business modeling techniques to a wide array of creative practices, such as music, media, theatre, design, fashion and more. So whether you're a musician, a performer, a filmmaker, a designer or just an amateur artist looking to develop your skills, there is something for you on that Masters. It offers a mix of theory and practice, and it is to a great extent flexible allowing you to design your own 'thesis project' hence tailoring it to your needs and future career ambitions.

The good thing about my Goldsmiths experience is the diversity of cultures and backgrounds of the people in my class. I think we have at least 20 different nationalities on my course, we work together very well and we're well connected. It's amazing how I can share my ideas and get feedback from different corners of the world, all grouped together in one class. It really opens doors to endless networking opportunities that help me develop my project and my skills further. Also the unique use of London's attractions and resources makes my experience very inspiring and complete. London is a very cinematic city, and in every corner there is always something to capture, a fun fact to learn, an interesting individual to speak to, there is tons of inspiration everywhere, you just have to make the best out of it.

What I like about Goldsmiths is that every time I walk in the university I feel like I'm walking in a bubble isolated from the real world. Orchestra playing all the time in the Richard Hoggart Building, weird creative notes on the school walls, creative ads about the endless interesting calendar events, the societies and workshops are quite diverse and nice. I like the chilled artistic atmosphere, and the creative minds floating all over the place."

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