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Kristoffer Aarhus Hudson

BA Arts Management allows you to apply both the practical & theoretical work you have gained, and use the knowledge in a practical way.

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Prior to Goldsmiths, I grew up in cultural environment with parents working full time within the Norwegian cultural sector. I actively admire the creative and cultural scene taking place in Europe and have always valued culture, and creative work and knew that I wanted to work in the creative and cultural sector.

BA in Arts Management at Goldsmiths allowed me to gain a deeper understating of the ins and out of the creative and cultural sector, not only in the UK but also Europe.

The BA covers both practical and theoretical work, and allows you to apply the theoretical knowledge you have gained, and use it in a practical way, something you very rarely come across with a University degree.

BA in Arts Management explores subjects such as Audience Development, Events Management, Marketing & PR, Cultural Policy, Social Media, and many more subjects. The variation in subjects allowed me to complete a work experience, and understand the tasks across the different departments that make a company whole.

Even before graduating, and in part due to the encouragement I received from both friends and lecturers at Goldsmiths, I have been offered a job, in my chosen sector, at Brand Events. I am curating and organising features for both ‘CarFest’ & ‘The London Classic Car Show’. The job involves both creative thinking, and organising of the features that we put on.

At first glance, having to make the commitment to go to University might seem very scary, but it will change your life. The harder you work during the week, the more rewarding the time is with your class mates on a Friday night.

I don’t regret a single choice I made, and I will always cherish the three years I had at Goldsmiths.

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