Arturo Roman

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Goldsmiths' campus and students are characterised by contrasts.

Before coming to Goldsmiths, I was studying an International Baccalaureate in Madrid, Spain. Throughout my last years of high school, I developed a growing desire to get out of my comfort zone and study abroad. London seemed like the perfect candidate which narrowed down my university hunt. I remember stumbling upon Goldsmiths Economics programme structure and thinking the course was tailored to my interests. The contents of the course modules have encouraged me to think critically and to refuse theories at face value. It has also broadened my perspectives on the purpose and reach of Economics as a social science. I sought after an Economics degree that is pragmatic in its approach and links past historical events as well as current world issues to an economic framework thus offering an insight into the gears of our societies. Goldsmiths has certainly delivered.

Goldsmiths campus and students are characterised by contrasts. Everyone is different and feels free to express their identity yet there is an overriding sense of community and care for each other. We are all well aware of the importance and benefits of diversity which sets the grounds for a united student body.

Overall, I believe my dear lecturers and seminar leaders have prepared me to tackle the challenges of a rapidly changing world. The teaching staff for my degree are highly averse to complacency and will push you to expand the seemingly unbreakable limits of your perspective. They are also attentive and caring people whose main goal is to lead you on a successful journey.