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"What I love most about studying at Goldsmiths is that there are no limits or impediments to what you can do or what you can achieve here."

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"Studying Management and Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths is such an inspiring and encouraging experience. If you put enough effort into the work, the Institute of Management Studies will help you succeed as aspiring entrepreneur, which I have experienced countless times throughout my first year.

Prior to my studies, I sailed around the world for a year, exploring new cultures and local customs. The highlight of this trip was when I was a captain managed a small vessel crossing the Atlantic. This was when I literally understood that there are no limits to what people can achieve, you just need the right framework and resources. This is exactly what Goldsmiths can offer, a place where young men and women can take a chance on a dream.

On the degree, we take an idea that starts in the lecture theatre or in a discussion and turn it into a new project, a new business or even a new industry that has the power to change the world around you. With this mindset, which I've learned, entrepreneurship becomes something living and almost breathable, a lifestyle. Because when you start to love your studies, hard work isn't work anymore – it's just a way of living."

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