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Gruff Theatre

"Our time at Goldsmiths gave us a place where we were encouraged to understand and break rules and, most importantly, take risks."

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Tom Bostock, Holly Shuttleworth, Alistair Foylan and Phoebe Naughton met while completing their BA in Drama and Theatre Arts. They were placed together by their teacher, Cass Fleming, who they said nurtured their transition from four performers into a collective of theatre makers.

They enjoyed working together so much that they formed Gruff Theatre after graduation. "We all had very different interests, but a shared desire to explore the relationship between site and experience glued us together."

As well as staging site-specific performances, Gruff now offers workshops to others, and has worked with RIFT, Ideastrap and the Brit School. The group has performed in such diverse settings as an East End tower block and a Victorian cemetery. 

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