Brendan Bagshaw

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The amount of activities, including a study visit to Athens are among my fondest memories.

Studying in Athens and law firm employment

I absolutely loved my time at Goldsmiths and miss it dearly. Goldsmiths Law Department is full of incredible lectures that go above and beyond to help you achieve your aspirations while studying. The amount of activities, including a study visit to Athens are among my fondest memories. The impact my time at Goldsmiths has had on me is immense. I took a job interview recommended to me by my lecturers and have since been in employment at a law firm for the last 6 months, since graduating. I am massively grateful for everything Goldsmiths Law has done for me.

Criminal defence, and solicitor experience after Goldsmiths

Since graduating in July 2022, I have began full time employment at Hollingsworth Edward Solicitors. The firm specialises in criminal defence, which is where my passion lies. The firm has funded my police station accreditation which I am currently completing; I am to be a fully accredited police station representative by early 2023.

My role is currently as a paralegal/trainee solicitor. I run my own cases, currently nearly 60 of them, this involves plenty of interaction with clients. I often attend police station interviews, court appearances and legal visits to various prisons across London. I love my job. My aspiration is to be a fully qualified solicitor by 2024.

The best 3 years of my life studying at Goldsmiths, University of London

Goldsmiths is a fantastic choice of university. Speaking on behalf of the law department, the level of engagement each lecturer has with you is truly unique. Many of my colleagues had cohorts so large their lecturers would not even know there names, Goldsmiths Law could not be further from this.

You often hear people say university is the best three years of your life so far. I never believed it but it is so true. I had an amazing time and it’s set me up with a career for life. What more could you ask?

Fantastic venues and nightlife

The nightlife is absolutely fantastic. As a man that likes a pint or two on a Friday night, the area is rammed with fantastic venues.