Olivia Burns

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I have thoroughly enjoyed studying at Goldsmiths, it has been a transformative two years for me.

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying at Goldsmiths, it has been a transformative two years for me since starting here in every respect. I've become entirely more outgoing, and my confidence in tricky skills like public speaking has hugely improved. I have engaged with so many aspects of student life since starting at Goldsmiths, and have gained many new skills and friends as I did so.

The lectures are very interesting for the most part (nobody escapes a law degree without a few dry modules), and the lecturers truly are second-to-none with their teaching styles and their commitment to student welfare. The department is ever-growing and you'd be hard-pressed to find yourself short of options when it comes to seeking advice or help with your course, or beyond that really.

I would advise you to make the most of the opportunities here. The department throws them at you in handfuls, and you should certainly take them up on their offers to complete mini-pupillages, work pro-bono for London law clinics, and be given mock trial experiences in the Royal Courts of Justice. These really are just a few examples of the abundance of chances you will have at Goldsmiths to gain real world experience in your field, and apply textbook knowledge to practical situations.

South East London is a really vibrant scene, with lots of cool places to grab lunch or a post-lecture drink with friends. New Cross is particularly well situated, with easy tube rides into the city in hardly any time at all, and the open green spaces of Greenwich and Blackheath are just the other way.

In New Cross itself, some of my favourite places to spend time are; New Cross House and The Rose, for pizza and quiz nights; The Marquis of Granby, for the cheapest pints for a mile; and New Cross Inn, because it stays open until 4am so is perfect for keeping the night going after time in central.

Personally, I love Greenwich. I spent lots of my two years here so far exploring all of the parks and pubs in Greenwich - and if you stop by, The Pelton Arms is not to be missed. Neither is Goddard's pie shop, for that matter. Also in Greenwich, you'll quite often find your whole course getting coffees in The Grind before strolling around the shops in town.