Andrea Giuseppe Ragno

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"I chose Goldsmiths because of its intellectual environment. My expectations were met on every level."

"I mostly chose Goldsmiths because of the intellectual environment that it seemed to provide. My expectations were matched on every level. Working with professors like Luciana Parisi and Matthew Fuller has helped me in acquiring a critical method which I was lacking and which I was feeling the urge of gaining it.

Furthermore, I have been able to meet enthusiastic and passionate students with whom I share many philosophical, artistic interests. With them, I am currently developing several projects which span from contemporary philosophy to critical studies around Artificial Intelligence.

In fact, I reckon that Goldsmiths offers one of the few courses in the whole world where it is possible to advance a critique of present-day technology with the tools offered by different philosophical approaches. This convergence of methods is what makes Goldsmiths a unique epistemic ensemble which is fundamental for young theorists and researchers."