Talitha Isabel, MA Cultural Studies

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No matter what you're into, there will be a society or event that you'll want to take part in.

"Even though I had applied for other universities, Goldsmiths was always my number one option. I had the opportunity to visit the campus on the open day earlier this year, and after talking to the students and a few of the professors, I was sure that Goldsmiths was the right choice for me.

The ‘Welcome Week’ was a great preparation for what was coming. There is always something interesting going on. It doesn’t matter what you're interested in, there will be a society, a group or event that you will want to take part in – there are often more things to do than your schedule will allow. And what I found brilliant is that even when you feel that there is a topic not covered in the events offered, you can always approach one of the Student Union officers and make a suggestion to bring the theme to a future event. The Student Union does not only encourage it, but it also gives us the support and advice to make things happen.

Being back in academic life has been awesome. The MA Cultural Studies has an interdisciplinary structure and a variety of optional modules. Every lecture is a new challenge and I have learned so much. I feel that I am surrounded by great minds, and the university offers an international environment with a strong student community."