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"Goldsmiths was the perfect environment to foster my ambitions for a career in the creative industries."

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Year graduated 2011
Occupation Company director
Country United Kingdom

"I run a video production company called High Six Media that specialises in creating online fashion, music and sport content for a variety of brands. As is invariably the case when you start a business, my time is split between quite a few different roles and responsibilities related to the running of a company. I take care of all sales and marketing as well as liaising with clients and suppliers and basic project management to ensure that projects run smoothly.

Goldsmiths was the perfect environment to foster my ambitions for a career in the creative industries. Firstly, just the people who I met and the experiences I had through them opened my eyes to the breadth of what is possible creatively.

Seeing what others - both tutors and students - were doing, saying and making really inspired me and positively pushed my own creative endeavours.

I also utilised the resources available to me at Goldsmiths to practice filmmaking technique during any spare time I had. Learning how to edit in the Digital Media Suite, or figuring out how to use cameras and lights kick-started my knowledge of the industry and allowed me the confidence to set out on my own once I had graduated.

The course I studied, while being mostly theoretical learning also put me in good stead for my future career. It taught me to view the way in which concepts such as society, identity and gender are constructed in the media with a critical eye. As important if not more than anything you can learn about white balance or shutter speeds. It's these principals that inform my filmmaking even to this day and evaluate the merits and faults of the work I and others in the industry produce."

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