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Former musician Laura was the only student to get straight firsts in all her assessment tasks in her final year, and wrote a stunning dissertation that employed a de Certauian technique of walking in the city to map a politics of memory and race in East London.

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Year graduated 2012

"I genuinely only have positive things to say about my experience of studying at Goldsmiths; I'm extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to study in a politics department with such excellent and inspiring academics.

During my degree, I particularly enjoyed, and benefitted from, the many courses that take critical and interdisciplinary approaches to subjects and those focusing on non-Western politics and scholarship.

Studying at Goldsmiths certainly broadened and enhanced my understanding and knowledge of politics – from a street-level to international institutions – and sparked an interest in the politics of cities. This undoubtedly influenced my decision to apply for a masters in Urban Studies at another London university, for which I received an unconditional offer."

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