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"It was here that my dormant interest in photography awakened."

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"After several years of teaching, I decided to attend Goldsmiths.  It was here that my dormant interest in photography awakened.  I learned about mixing photography with social scientific disciplines, such as anthropology and sociology. I used different methodologies in my practice such as the art of walking and slowing down, getting to know a community, and understanding the rhythms of the street. As a Photography and Urban Cultures Masters student, I have worked with students and conveners from all over the world and create three full bodies of work with sociological underpinnings and analysis.    

As a culminating experience as a Masters student, I was able to reconstruct my family history and engage in a project called Portals and PassagewaysWith the support of lecturers, the project was researched during my dissertation, and exhibited during our collective exhibition Habitus, which was initiated by Photography and Urban Cultures students and part of London’s Urban Photofest. The programme gave me guidance, flexibility, and freedom to initiate projects, work collaboratively, and take risks in a creative interdisciplinary program that integrates both practice and theory."


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