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"Goldsmiths gave me the theoretical understanding and confidence to try something new and step off the beaten track."

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Year graduated 2011
Department Sociology
Country Italy

"Before coming to Goldsmiths I had spent roughly 20 years working as a freelance photographer in the commercial and advertising space. I really loved the job and the great experiences it offered through travel but over the years I became increasingly aware of something missing. I had developed a deep understanding of the technical skills a photographer requires but I felt I was missing the theoretical background to bring the whole thing together. A framework and knowledge to engage on an interdisciplinary level where photographic practice and academic practice merge into critical understanding. I looked into a number of courses and singled out the MA in Photography and Urban Cultures. It was the ideal extension to my practical experience, and the fact that I could do the course part-time meant that I could continue working whilst studying.

Aside from the high academic standard of the lectures and the level of preparation behind each session, I think the thing that I valued most was the myriad of nationalities and experiences that wove themselves together in this course. It lead to some challenging and inspiring discussions around working practice and sociological research mainly influenced and fired up by the various social, political, educational, work backgrounds and experiences.

After years of market orientated work assignments I found the act of critical and freethinking inspirational and to my understanding this is the highest aim and long lasting legacy Goldsmiths could pass on. In 2012, after graduating successfully, I set up a photography gallery (Gasket-Gallery) with three likeminded friends. The aim and philosophy is to promote talented photographers who not only have a strong photographic eye and sensibility but also socially engaging works. Goldsmiths gave me the theoretical understanding and confidence to try something new and step off the beaten track."

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