Hannah Gergi

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Goldsmiths is a great environment and helped me to come out of my shell.

My overall experience at Goldsmiths was an experience in discovery. I not only learned a great amount academically but it shaped the person that I am today. I believe that I grew as an individual and gained many skills, such as: adapting to new environments, organisation and personal responsibility.

My favourite part of my degree was the ability to present to my classmates. This helped build my confidence and encouraged me to engage in the readings as well as with my peers. My department was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to help with any queries and questions that I may have about my course or with particular assignments. My lecturers were very engaging and they were more than open to questions that involved the course or further career ideas. I was really lucky and blessed to have such open and helpful professors. Studying at Goldsmiths had a great impact on me individually as I met so many students from all over the world. People at Goldsmiths are very welcoming, kind and are accepting. It is a great environment and helped me to come out of my shell.

I am currently doing my masters at Kings College in Forensic Mental Health. Studying Criminology at Goldsmiths helped me to understand what I would like to do career-wise. I enjoyed Criminology so much that I decided to continue within the field and go into more depth.

My advice for students about to study at Goldsmiths or coming to university is to not shy away, and instead engage with your professors and peers. Go to office hours and have meetings with your personal tutors. They can really help with work that you may be struggling with and it's important to network as you never know where you may need their help in the future. I think that it is important to make sure to engage in extracurricular activities outside of your classes and to really get involved with the university experience. Three years will go by so fast and you want to make sure that you make the most of every opportunity because in the long term it will definitely benefit you.

My favourite part about studying in New Cross/South East London is how diverse and multicultural it is. You meet so many different kinds of people and the atmosphere is vibrant and exciting. There are so many great cafés, studying areas and restaurants. The locals are all lovely and it is like a little community. One of my favourite cafés is Chinwag. It is a great student spot and the food is amazing!