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"I was so proud when my essay was awarded the Goldsmiths Sociology Prize for Outstanding Academic Work 2012/2013"

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"I chose to carry on my education because I wanted to continue reading and learning, and I picked Goldsmiths because of it's reputation for having an excellent Sociology department.

My essay, about progress in Latin America and how it could be considered an inspiration for other underdeveloped parts of the world, was awarded the Goldsmiths Sociology Prize for Outstanding Academic Work 2012/2013. I mainly spoke about Venezuela and Bolivia and how the current governments are leading the way to a united and strong continent where the people have control over their resources and sociopolitical institutions.

This was one of my highlights but the best thing about the university for me is the library and the seminar tutors who help you with your studies throughout the course. I'm now planning to go on to do a Masters in Social Anthropology."

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