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Helen Brushett

"Goldsmiths is vast and yet I felt very much at home and part of the family"

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I started dancing at the age of three and I haven’t stopped since. On leaving school I trained as a professional dancer and performed across the UK with theatre companies, even teaching maths through the medium of dance!

At my dance college one of my tutors was a dance movement therapist and I started to wonder... I attended a Goldsmiths Dance Movement Psychotherapy taster evening and was immediately hooked, applied straight away and by September I was on the course.

Goldsmiths is vast and yet I feel very much at home and part of the family, the campus is a lively and friendly place. It has been the most incredible three years of my life surrounded by supportive peers and tutors, extraordinarily challenging but also rewarding. Now I’ve graduated I want to make the most of every opportunity I can and start my career as a dance movement psychotherapist.

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