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"I've learned true compassion and different ways of working creatively"

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I work in China, providing dance therapy sessions for adults and also children with special needs. It's very exciting that I have the opportunity to develop my work in different settings and with different types of people. I've worked on stress reduction in companies and helped women in a village to reclaim their confidence, power and true voice through dance.

Last year, I provided workshops for social workers who work with so called “stayed children” in China (which means their parents work in the city while the children and the grandparents stay in the countryside and the whole family may only reunite once a year), the workshop was called “where is home”, I facilitated the participants to experience their body as the first “home”, then use fabrics to connect with other people and created the outer “home”, and reflect on how to find the balance between settling down and traveling with the “body home” to different places and to find the “outer home”, which help them understand the children’s situation with the insight of bodily level and social network relationship. 

From my teachers, especially Sue Curtis and Caroline Frizell, I learned true compassion and different ways of working creatively. They taught me that sometimes the most simple methods can be the most profound.


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