Maia Purdue

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My course was stimulating, and really helped me develop my academic voice

Maia's time at Goldsmiths

The staff in my department and my fellow students were the best part of my year. I was studying remotely and the lecturers I worked with were so accommodating, going above and beyond to ensure students had access to resources while the campus was shut.

I would say studying at Goldsmiths has made me very aware of how much excellent staff can carry a university. Dr Burt in particular is incredibly innovative and Goldsmiths is incredibly lucky to have her.

My course was stimulating and really helped me develop my academic voice, and my overall understanding of theatre as an expression of identity.

Experience as an international student

I was very lonely in London, but support from peers and my tutor got me through it, though I only stayed in London for the first term.

If I were going again, in non-pandemic times, I would recommend getting as involved as possible in extra-curricular activities.

Campus experience

I studied during the pandemic and so most of the campus was unavailable to me, I did like the library when it was open, and the SU had great classes running even during lockdown. I tried a pole dancing class there and really enjoyed it.

Advice for future students

Do as much reading as you can, and if a reading list looks overwhelming, speak to your lecturer about what is recommended/essential reading. You will learn so much from listening to your peers. My course, in particular, was incredibly discursive and stimulating. Take the opportunity to listen, especially when you disagree with someone.

What the future holds

I am planning on pursuing my PhD next year in Ireland, and hope to continue my career in academia. My dissertation during my MA at Goldsmiths prompted a whole host of questions for me and has influenced my choice to pursue this career path.