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"The atmosphere was very relaxed and my tutors were well prepared and helpful."

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Year graduated 2011
Department Art
Country Italy

"I came across Goldsmiths a few years ago by studying contemporary art back in Italy. I found out that many good artists had graduated from here. I decided to move to London in 2009, my first year here was spent duelling with the language and hunting for a job, and after getting myself a little bit more stability I decided to apply to the Graduate Diploma.

I joined the course in October 2010 and completed in June 2011. I just loved it; I met many different people and had the opportunity to challenge myself in a new environment. While studying at Goldsmiths I was setting up to launch my own gallery project, La Scatola Gallery. As a professional, my expectations for the course were very high. The atmosphere was very relaxed and my tutors were well prepared and helpful. They gave me lots of good advice, especially Astrid Schmetterling, who kindly helped in promoting my gallery project. The things that I enjoyed most were the lectures. I improved my writing and discovered new theorists.

I am still working as the director and curator of La Scatola Gallery, a contemporary art gallery that represents and exhibits young emerging artists from all over the world, many showing for the first time. The gallery's focus is new media, sculpture and site-specific installations that create interaction within the large gallery space. The gallery also hosts talks with curators, artists and art critics to advance dialogue on contemporary art. My colleagues and I have worked on a series of non-profit talks and events. We have been brave enough to produce conceptual exhibitions, each with the aim of encouraging the encounter(s) between visitors and artists through a real, mutual exchange. Where possible, we have produced shows with a non-commercial purpose and exhibitions where the market's need has gently met the understanding of the arts. I believe that there is not art for art’s sake, and that there is not art that exists only to serve a monetary purpose. At La Scatola Gallery, we have proudly produced thirteen exhibitions and hosted three curators and their artists. We have met and worked with over forty multinational artists."


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