Susan Schuppli

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Susan Schuppli's PhD research project

Entangled Matters

My PhD thesis explores entanglements between historical media artefacts and events. Although the particular circumstances that produced these materials may have changed, the project asks why these analogue media artefacts might still be a matter of concern.

What is their relevance for problematizing debates within media philosophy today and by extension the politics that underscore the operations of the digital? 

Case Studies

  • Archival Futures considers the missing or ‘silent’ erasure of 18-1⁄2 minutes in Watergate Tape No. 342 (1972).
  • Tele-transmissions explores the 14-minute audio transmission produced by the Muirhead K220 Picture Transmitter to relay the image of napalm victim Kim Phúc from Saigon to Tokyo (June 8 1972).
  • Radiological Events examines thirty-three seconds of irradiated film shot at Chernobyl Reactor Unit 4 by the late Soviet filmmaker Vladimir Shevchenko (April 26 1986).
Susan is a member of Roundtable one.