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"The academics, staff, students and high-profile visitors to Goldsmiths continue to inspire and motivate me."

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Year graduated 2011
Department Visual Cultures

This fixed term post in the Department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths recognises the independent research that I continued to do after I finished the MA in Contemporary Art Theory. I am very lucky to continue to have use of the Goldsmiths library, a desk and computing facilities and, most importantly, access to an academic community with whom I can share research ideas and from whom I seek advice. I am planning to apply for a PhD programme at Goldsmiths to continue the research I started as part of the MA.

I didn't have a typical arts background like other students when I joined Goldsmiths. I worried that I would struggle to fit in and keep up. During my time at Goldsmiths however I was encouraged to make good use of all my previous skills and education and I found that, in the end, my research 'hook' came precisely from past experience and knowledge. One of the more memorable experiences I had as a student at Goldsmiths was presenting a practical group project to a public audience at Gasworks gallery in London, but these experiences continue and I look forward to many more. The academics, staff, students and high-profile visitors to Goldsmiths continue to inspire and motivate me. 

I recently co-founded a creative research collective called 'The Future State' with Goldsmiths Senior Lecturer Dr Derval Tubridy and other Goldsmiths scholars. The collective explores creative responses to contemporary crises, using Ireland as a paradigm for global conditions. It was born out of an international conference that I co-organised at Goldsmiths titled 'The Future State of Ireland' which took place in November 2012 and which gathered together artists, historians, journalists, social commentators and cultural studies academics to develop discourses around economic crisis, gender issues in austerity, popular resistance, urban geographies and much more. 

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